Triathlete Of The Week

Ottawa Triathlons Triathlete of the week is Anne Belanger!

Anne is a 27 year old Torontonian who’s been recently and absolutely hooked by the Tri-Bug. She began running triathlons just last year and found success with minimal training.

“I competed in my first triathlon last year, and completed 3 by the end of 2015 however I  never really trained for any of them. I exercised in all 3 disciplines, but I had no idea what to do besides the basic swim, bike and run.”

“My placement in age group categories was usually around 5th-7th for the 25-29 category, which my friends told me was really good for not having done much training.”

It’s clear that Anne, who has been an athlete most of her life, is both athletic and talented. Her high placement despite limited knowledge of the sport and minimal training is a testament to her athleticism. But lack of knowledge didn’t stop her from falling in love with the sport.

“I enjoyed the sport and the community and it wasn’t until after my final race, Multisport Canada’s Wasaga Beach on August 27th, that I felt a huge void opening up! I had no more races on my horizon and it was not a fun feeling! I longed for another race. At this point, I knew I wanted to take on the sport and be competitive.”

Growing up, Anne played soccer and hockey but stopped once she got to university.

“I was often told I was talented and would make it very far in either soccer or hockey, if I committed to either of them. I never did commit fully to either sport however, and I now know it is because I lacked confidence in myself and I wasn’t able to withstand the pressure I was also putting on myself to perform.”

Pressure and self-confidence is something we all struggle with. As an athlete, we’re called upon to face some immense pressure. Luckily, with the help of the triathlon community and her coach, Anne has found way to break through it.

“One of the major things I have learned after acquiring a coach from Loaring Personal Coaching is to not care about competitors or placing’s and to focus more on my race. My race is what I have control over, and beyond that nothing else matters.”

With the help of her coach, our featured triathlete this week has gotten into her groove and found a process that works for her. It’s a process that keeps her raising the bar bit-by-bit and certainly shows in the form of recent success.

“I work 9-5 and have been balancing a heavy training schedule with morning and night workouts. I love the lifestyle, and I am obsessed with getting better. So far, my process is working. I have placed 1st in my age group in my two races so far this year, as well as one being 2nd female overall. Most important though, I have been constantly improving, so I am just trying to inch my way up to my full potential.”

It’s clear that Anne is certainly passionate about triathlons and multisport. But for her, it’s about much more than a sport and placements; it’s about community.

“I’m focusing on raising my bar but I am also happy to be so involved in the triathlon community thus far. I am an ambassador for the Multisport Canada Recharge with Milk Campaign and I have highly enjoyed my work with them in terms of spreading the joy that triathlon brings me, and I hope can bring to others. I have also become captivated by the elite women’s ITU World Triathlon Series (WTS)and I actually just re-watched the London Olympics race for fun this past week! There are so many inspirational female athletes out on the circuit!”

Anne will be attending Ottawa Triathlon this July 23-24. You too can race in the Ottawa Triathlon and swim, bike and run alongside Anne this July. You can keep following Anne’s story through her blog ( or you can follow her on Twitter (@TriAnnethlon), Instragram (@TriAnnethlon) or on Facebook.

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