10 reasons why triathlon is the coolest participation sport

Triathlon is still a little “recognized ” sport, only present at the Olympic Games since Sydney in 2000. It is little publicized compared to football, tennis, motorsports, etc. and seen from the outside, it sometimes seems a little crazy to chain three different disciplines while we know how difficult it is to stick to just one.

When you practice it, you quickly realize the happiness that this sport brings and that it is much more accessible than you thought! Also, each person begins with his or her level and progresses at his or her own pace according to the goal he or she has set for himself or herself. Some even learn to swim when they start.

Why triathlon?

The triathlon often returns an image of extreme sport reserved only to a few initiates. That’s not true! With a regular practice adapted to everyone, the triathlon is accessible to everyone. Over time, you will realize the unsuspected abilities of your body, and you will want to go further.

The triathlon is also one of the few sports where the best international champions take off at the same time as beginners. Few sports offer this possibility! But don’t panic, the “pros” often have departures staggered by a few minutes, which is also true for these ladies to avoid getting shaken on the departures!

Also, we have listed for you the list of the ten assets shape and health that offers the triple web :

  1. He’s refining the silhouette. By combining three complementary disciplines (swimming, cycling, and running), the triathlon makes it possible to carve a harmonious body.
  2. It is an endurance sport (ability to maintain effort over time) whose practice involves the preferential use of fat.
  3. Two of the three activities are “carried” (by water and by cycling). It also has the advantage of being non-violent for the body and its joints.
  4. The formula of “3 sports in 1” is a great bulwark against monotony.
  5. It offers the possibility to vary the training without ever getting tired or feeling guilty. Knee pain? Saddle up! Lack of time? Let’s put on the running shoes! Is it raining? A swim session will make you think of the Great Blue!
  6. The diversity of the race formats allows us meeting the expectations of everyone. There is no imposed distance or rhythm. A triathlon can be 250m of swimming, 8 km of cycling and 2 km of running: less than an hour and without forcing!
  7. It allows unusual experiments in water spaces that are usually inaccessible – such as the Seine in the heart of Paris or the Swiss Basin at the Palace of Versailles!
  8. It does not require any specific equipment. Who doesn’t have a swimsuit and swim goggles at the back of their drawers? Who doesn’t have a pair of running and a bike in their garage?
  9. It’s an outdoor activity, and it’s a family sport. The cycling session can be done as a family. Otherwise, there is the possibility to run next to the children who pedal!
  10. Its cost is affordable and a license in an F. F. TRI club. Is worth on average (depending on the region of residence) between 80 and 150 euros per year. “Family” rates are always available.