Triathlon Clubs in Ottawa, Competitions and Sport Betting


If you enjoy sports and want to follow all news on triathlon – you’ve come to the right place. We have all news regarding the Ottawa triathlon club, the latest sports events and all trending information, and we’ll give them to you as soon as they come out. Also, we have old but interesting facts about events that happened years ago, like the Ottawa triathlon 2017. The Ottawa triathlon 2017 was very exciting so, it is obvious why we’d try to get follow-up information on it. So, if you are wondering what the Ottawa triathlon 2017’s athletes are doing – this is also the place where you’ll find the information you need. We will guide you until you can recognize and choose the ideal Quebec Online Casinos where you can place your bets or play your favorite online casino games with no worries. All in all, if you like to be in the know and always have a good feed on triathlon and specifically, the Ottawa triathlon club information, sit back and relax, and let us unravel the most important news:

Triathlon: Three Sports in One

As you already know – the triathlon is a multisport race which includes three sports in one competition. It features three sequential endurance races: swimming, cycling, and running. However, you should know that there might be some variations depending on the place it is played in, as well as regarding the distance of the races.

All in all, the general rule of the triathlon is that the athletes compete for the fastest overall completion of the course, and their performance is timed.


Triathlon Ottawa 2019

The one event that everybody, including the Ottawa triathlon club cannot wait to start is the National Capital Triathlon & Duathlon that is happening in Ottawa. It is a very event that will host some of the best athletes from the international triathlon community. The whole triathlon sports event will challenge the triathletes to take training seriously, as they’ll have to compete in a 500m Swim, 20K Bike and a 5K sprint. Although there are some adjustments made to ensure that the Ottawa Triathlon is beginner-friendly, you can surely expect some very challenging competition.

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Triathlon, Rules and Participants

There are specific rules for every triathlon competition which must be strictly followed. However, you should know that the rules can vary depending on the body who is governing the specific triathlon, and it can vary for an individual race venue. For instance, there are different bodies that can govern the competition – like the ITU. Still, regardless of the small changes that can occur from time to time, there are certain rules that are universal.

For example, we already know that the triathlon is an individual sport, meaning that each person –athlete competes against the clock to get the best time. This is why they aren’t allowed to get any help from anyone else. Of course, there might be some exceptions regarding the volunteers who provide the water and the food on the course.

Another universal rule is that the triathlons are timed in 5 sequential parts. We have the swim time – starting from the swimming to the first transition. The T1 time – which is the start and the end of the transition. After that, we have the cycling time – the start of it and the end of it. Next, we have the T2 Time, which is the beginning and end of the second transition. Lastly, there is the start of the running and the end of it.

Also, there is a rule that all results must be officially posted – but some post the total time while some post the transition times separately.