Ottawa Youth Triathlon (Drafting) – Ottawa International Triathlon

Ontario Youth Triathlon (Draft Legal)

This is the first event of the 2017 Triathlon Ontario Youth Cup Series which aims to provide youth athletes (aged 14-15) a draft legal competitive race environment. This event is traffic free and well marshalled with officials and race crew focused on providing a fair and safe environment for every athlete. There will be 5 spots per gender awarded at the 2017 Ottawa Youth Triathlon for the 2018 Ontario Summer Games. For more info on the Series, click here and general information on triathlon for youth & juniors, click here .

Distances: 300m Swim / 8km Bike (2 laps) / 3.2 km Run (2 laps)

Start Times: 12:40pm – Men, 1:00 – Women

Awards: Top 3 – Men, Top 3 – Women


Sat 17 June

12:40pm Start Youth Men

1:00pm Start Youth Women


The swim course will consist of one 300m loop in Dow’s Lake. It will feature a dive start after a warm-up period.

The transition area is approx. 40m from the swim exit. Athletes will exit the water at the stairs across from the Pavilion and run across Queen Elizabeth Driveway to Preston St. 

The bike course is 12km with 3 laps of 4km each with the athletes turnaround just before the T-Zone entrance. Spectators will be able to view the athletes 3x on the bike portion of the race. A lap out rule is in effect for this race.

The 4 km run course is 2x 2km loops with athletes coming into transition after loop 1 and heading back out for the final loop.

Course Map: