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YOW Arrivals

Arriving at the Ottawa Airport

For travelling triathletes, the following is a quick guide of what to expect for YOW arrivals. In other words, if you’re arriving to the Ottawa Airport these are some things you can expect.

The Terminal

Ottawa International Airport, also known as YOW, has one terminal comprised of three levels. Level one is the arrivals level, level two is security screening, and level three is check-in. The terminal is equipped with washrooms, food and beverage outlets, and stores. There are several payphones, water fountains, and bank machines throughout the airport..

Arriving in Ottawa

Passengers arriving in Ottawa from within Canada claim their luggage in the public area of the terminal at carrousels 3, 4 or 5 on the first level. Passengers arriving from outside of Canada must claim their luggage within the Canada Customs Hall and proceed through customs and immigration prior to exiting into the arrivals area of the terminal.


Arrive at the airport early and give yourself plenty of time for the check-in process. Passengers are recommended to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before boarding a domestic or transborder flight and 3 hours before boarding an international flight. The check-in counters are located on level 3 and airline personnel are available to assist you.


Baggage allowances vary from airline to airline. Contact your airline for information regarding the weight and size restrictions of your luggage and the total number of pieces you are permitted. Valuables should be packed in your carry-on luggage. For a list of permitted and non-permitted, please visit the Canadian Air Transportation Security Authority’s website at

ID Requirements

All passengers must present acceptable identification documents prior to boarding an aircraft. For more information on the identification requirements,

Security Screening

All passengers must undergo security screening prior to boarding an aircraft. The security screening process is handled by the Canadian Air Transportation Security Authority. For more information, vist


Once you have passed through the security screening check-point, locate your gate. If you have time prior to boarding, you may wish to visit one of our food and beverage outlets or perhaps do some shopping. Listen for the announcements pertaining to your flight.


Airline personnel will announce when your flight is boarding. Follow their instructions.