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FAQ – Ottawa International Triathlon

I have never done a triathlon before and I see that these races are Canadian Championships. I think these are too competitive for me!

Not at all, these events have courses that are closed to cars and that enable first time triathletes to race at the same time as more seasoned triathletes.  There is no qualification criteria for any of the Age Group events,  and are open to all.  We recommend that you read up on the rules and regulations around our event and equipment needed and search out local clubs and shops from which you can learn how to best prepare.

What does the entry fee entail?

You will get a very well planned and safe course with police, medical  and lifeguard coverage.  In addition you can expect:

  • Expo and festival geared to both athletes and families
  • VeloFix mechanical services
  • pre-race meal with special pricing at Dow’s Lake Pavilion restaurants Malone’s and Mexicali Rosa’s
  • post-race catered food
  • drawstring bag with race number tatoos, swim cap, Cliff Bar and other goodies
  • unique Canada 150th Medal Ceremonies with group photos
  • secure bag storage are in Age Group Athlete Tent
  • an experience to race in the heart of Ottawa during the exciting 150th year of celebration

Do I have to leave my bike overnight?

No, new to this year, bikes will be racked on the morning of your event. We will not be watching bikes overnight so please take it home with you and bring it in on race day

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Sorry but all registrations are non-refundable

I have entered as a club member for the Club Championships, why are we at different start times?

The start times are given according to gender and age groups.  The scoring system will give out points according to the placing of each club member in their respective age and gender group.  Please see the section on Club Championships for more information.

What is the registration deadline?

Online registration (Age Group) closes at midnight on Sunday 11 June.  It is possible to register on Friday June 16 at the Age Group Athlete Tent during the registration hours

Which events this year are draft legal?

For Age Groupers, the Sprint is draft legal.  (Standard Distance is NOT draft legal)

Can I qualify for the ITU World Championships if I am not a member of my Provincial Sport Organization for triathlon but have purchased one-day race insurance?

You must have an annual membership with your Provincial Sport Organization for Triathlon to qualify for the ITU World Championships in 2018. You also must be a Canadian Citizen or Canadian Permanent Resident.

If an athlete is signing up for Race Day Insurance only, they are not meeting one of the eligibility requirements to qualify for the ITU World Championships.

Race Kit Pick up and Race Meetings

The kits can be picked up on Friday between 4:00pm and 8:00pm at the Age Group Tent at Dow’s Lake Pavillion parking lot (Carling Ave & Preston Street)for those athletes competing on Saturday.  For athletes competing on Sunday,  kits can be picked up on Saturday between 2:00 and 4:00m at same location.  Race briefings will be done via rolling video in the Age Group tent (location could move if needed) on the day of race kit pick up.  15-20min video segments will be played on a continuous basis with large maps displayed.

I have never competed in Draft-Legal event. Do I need a special licence? can I compete and what exactly does Draft legal mean?

Yes you can compete in the Age Group Sprint Distance Triathlon without having done one before, but we highly recommend that you train with groups in advance to prepare yourself as best you can to take advantage of the fun and exciting way of racing.   Draft Legal means that athletes are allowed to cycle in a pack or ride closely behind another competitor.  Youth and Junior athletes required Draft Certification and although this is not required of adults, it would be an excellent opportunity to learn for all ages!  Draft legal events require road geometry bikes and more information can be found under the Sprint Distance event link:

Will I be allowed to wear a wetsuit? What will the water temperature be on race day?

Due to the earlier date of the race, this year, there is a good chance that wetsuits will be allowed on race day. However, the official decision on wetsuits will not be made until race morning.

According to ITU rules: “Water temperature must be taken one (1) hour prior to the start of the event on race day. It must be taken at the middle of the course and in two other areas on the swim course, at a depth of 60 cm. The lowest measured temperature will be considered as the official water temperature.” (ITU Competition Rules, section 4.3)

For the full description you can visit the ITU triathlon and co to Competition Rules section 4.2.  Here is a snapshot:

For elite, U23, Junior and Youth athletes:

Swim Length Forbidden Mandatory
up to 1500m 20C and above 15.9C and below

For Age Group athletes

Swim Length Forbidden Mandatory
up to 1500m 22C and above 15.9C and below

The Ottawa Triathlon event team will monitor water temperatures in Dows Lake leading up to the race and the results will be posted on the website and social media in the week prior to the event.

Are there any special uniform restrictions for this race? Do I need to have my name and country printed on my tri suit or have the zipper at the back?

No, there are no special uniform requirements other than you must have your torso covered for the bike and run only. There is no obligation to have your name / country printed on your uniform and there are no restrictions on the zipper. However, racing suits must not extend lower than the knee or past the shoulder. In the event of a non-wetsuit swim athlete’s suits must not contain any kind of flotation aid (no neoprene panels) and again, must not extend below the knee. Other than a wetsuit (if permitted on race day), athletes may not remove any part of the suit until the race has been completed

Triathlon Canada Rule


a. In all national events Triathlon Canada requires athletes to follow the ITU Competition Rules (ITU-CR) as detailed in section 2.8 c., the exception being that zippers can be located on the front providing they are closed during competition. Bathing suits may be worn during the swim portion however the torso must be covered when leaving T1 and for the remainder of the race. Elite, U23, and Junior draft legal athletes in national events must have their name and country or province code on the middle front and lower backside of their tri suit as detailed in Appendix F1 and follow the logo size limitations.

b. If any Triathlon Canada event is also a sanctioned ITU event, full ITU uniform rules in section 2.8, Appendix F1, F3 and F5 must also be adhered to.

c. Uniform compliance for Triathlon Canada youth athletes (see 2. Eligibility) is treated as an educational opportunity for athletes, parents and coaches as long as section 1.a is respected.

Is Dow’s Lake safe to swim in?

While the lake is out of bounds to swimmers year round due to its marina and being part of the Rideau Canal,  the Race Organization and City of Ottawa has created the opportunity to swim for our race weekend.  The City and local organization will be testing the water regularly leading up to the event and publishing the results in a timely manner.  The ITU has strict water quality standards to maintain for the safety of the competitors.

I am racing in the sprint event and my kids would like to race in the KOS event. Will there be a gap in between the 2 events?

There will be a gap between events, but it will depending on your finish time – so the faster you race – the more time you have to help get the kids ready for the KOS event. With the Age Group race waves starting at 6:15am and the last, W50+, leaving at 6:44 there should be ample time before the first wave of U11 go off at 9:00am

Do I need a special licence to enter the draft legal sprint championships?

No. Anyone can enter the age group draft legal sprint race. There are however some restrictions in terms of cycling equipment to be aware of. Please be sure to check out the rules here

What kind of bike may I use in the draft legal sprint race?

You may only use a traditional “road style” bike in the draft legal races. No time trial bikes will be permitted. Unfortunately there will be no exceptions to this rule as per Triathlon Canada guidelines on draft legal events. For a complete listing of all the rules, please visit our draft legal rule page or visit the Triathlon Canada rule page

Do I need to purchase a 1 day membership if I am a member of a provincial triathlon association?

If you are a member of a provincial triathlon association you do not need to purchase the 1 day Triathlon Canada membership. When you get to the screen that asks you to buy a 1 day membership, decline this option by selecting “no” in the drop down list. You only need to purchase the 1 day membership if you are NOT currently a member of a provincial association.