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Age Group Drafting Rules – Ottawa International Triathlon

Age Group Drafting Rules

The 2017 Canadian Sprint Distance Triathlon Championships will feature a Draft Legal race format. The race will also act as qualification for Triathlon Canada’s World Championship Team for the 2018 ITU World Championships in Queensland, Australia. The sprint distance race at the World Championships will also be a draft legal competition.

Draft Legal competition has a number of very unique criteria that all athletes must consider before deciding to race in this environment. Draft Legal rules and regulations can be found in the Triathlon Canada Competition Rules

Bike Setup Requirements

For safety reasons the most important is proper Draft Legal bike setup. Before completing registration for the draft legal competition please ensure you have the correct bike setup to compete.

In draft-legal age group events, bikes with the UCI Road Race homologation label (Code RD) are allowed. Bikes with the UCI Time Trial homologation label (Code TT) are also allowed providing they comply with the specifications in the ITU Competition Rules 5.2 b.)(ii). All bikes in age group draft legal racing must be fitted with standard drop bars only. Clip on bars are forbidden

NOTE: A certificate of a draft legal bike is not required, however EVERY ATHLETE registering for a Draft Legal competition MUST have the correct bike setup. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE

Bike Frame

There will be a vertical line touching the front-most point of the saddle which will be no more than 5 centimetres in front of, and no more than 15 cm behind, a vertical line passing through the centre of the chain wheel axle, and an athlete must not have the capability of adjusting the saddle beyond these lines during competition.

The frame of the bike shall be of a traditional pattern, i.e. built around a closed frame of straight or tapered tubular elements, (which may be round, oval, flattened, teardrop shaped or otherwise in cross-section).


Wheels shall have at least 12 spokes. Disc wheels are not allowed.


Disk brakes are not allowed in Draft Legal Triathlon.


Only traditional drop handlebars are permitted. The handlebars must be plugged. NO CLIP-ON BARS or AEROBARS OF ANY KIND WILL BE ALLOWED

Drafting Rules

Athletes are only permitted to draft with athletes of the same gender. However, it is permitted to draft with athletes of other age groups (so long as they are the same sex as you). Some wave starts may feature multiple categories and it is the responsibility of the athlete to make sure they are not illegally drafting.